How have I improved my reading?

When viagra online cheap I watched the semester 1 and 2’s reading, I was surprised. My reading has changed a lot.

My semester 1’s reading was very bad. I can’t hear what am I saying, and also I’m not making any eye contacts and looking down all the time. But the second one, I can hear what am I saying, and I was making eye contacts lots of times.

My voice has changed because first one is not clear and so quiet. But the second one, the voice was clear and Generic cialis cheap I specked loudly. So I can have fun, when I was watching semester 2 one than watching semester 1’s reading. And also, I can imagine what the characters are thinking and feeling when I watching semester 2’s reading.

But still I have to improve my reading. I can change my voice when I acheter cialis

france am reading character’s line. And also I can put the book near the camera, and then I don’t need to move my face many times.

In this reading project, I learned that reading depending on how to put out your voice.

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  1. Ms. Guiry says:

    Very thoughtful and insightful reflections.

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