What Make a Good Piece of Writing?

A good piece of writing is easy to understand, fun and has strong impact. And these things makes

people want to read this writing. I like these writings too.

The 6 traits of writing

are ideas, organization, voice, sentence fluency, word choice, and convention. When you http://paris-canaille.org/acheter-cialis-10mg/ are writing, you think of ideas first. Think of the ideas that you want to write. Organization is has to have first, middle, and end. When you organize these, reader https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/generic-viagra/ can read the writing much easier. Voice is the reader can hear the voice of character. Sentence fluency is to use long or short sentence. cialis generique Word choice is choose correct words in sentences and convention is about grammar.

One trait that is a strength for me is https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-definition/ ideas. Because I can think viagra presentacion en mexico lots of ideas when I am writing. And one trait that I want to improve is word choice. I always use easy words that I know when I am writing something but, its not so good only using easy words so I have generic viagra cheap to use dictionary to write better writings.

By knowing more about the traits of good writing, I can improve my own writing because if I used these 6 traits, I can write much better writings and these thing can helps me to write.

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2 Responses to What Make a Good Piece of Writing?

  1. Ms. Guiry says:

    I look forward to your creative ideas in your modernized fairy tale writing task in English class this semester!

    To focus on word choice in your writing, it will be important for you to work diligently through the writing process to get feedback on your writing. Remember to also use the poetic devices we learned in our poetry unit. Similes and metaphors are also powerful ways to creatively write descriptions.

    • yui17146 says:

      I am not good at using poetic devices. It’s difficult to use in stories but I will try it. Also I want to read the story with poetic devices.

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