What Body Language Do You Speak?

Non-verbal communication is using body to explain things without speaking. Body language includes eye contact and gestures. I learned that it is important because if you

use body to viagra sans ordonnance explain something it easier than talking. The most interested thing about non-verbal communication I learned was I https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-en-pharmacie/ can communicate well with people by using body. I am not so good at using body language because buy cialis online I’m not

good at using body to explain something and homepage online cheap I don’t use this many time.

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4 Responses to What Body Language Do You Speak?

  1. Ms. Guiry says:

    Remember to use what you learned about non-verbal communication and body language when we start our “Reader’s Theatre” and “Storytelling” units in English class.

    • yui17146 says:

      Use hands and body to describe character’s feelings and try to use eye-contact too.
      If the character are angry I have to speak like I was so angry and if the character was excited, I make smily face to tell what I am feeling.

  2. Ms. Guiry says:

    Some good ideas that you incorporated into your character for “Reader’s Theatre”. Well done!

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