First Quater Reflection

A learning log is buy levitra canada online a personal record of viagra online my learning.

At EAP we

do flash card. In flash card I wirte word that I don’t know with defnition, example, picture and fact. I wirte a word that teacher indicate or I choose word that I don’t know. I choose a word from Science, English and sometime Social Studie class. At class everyday practice flash card with a partner to remember the word.

Next I do DOL and DD at beginig of class. At DOL my teacher wite two wrong sentence so I chnge the word and make correct sentence. At DD I answer

the question talk

with groups. The question is play at riddles and now we are gessing 20mg cialis online the picture of artist.

And also we red “Magic Finger” togeter. We red 1 part of the book in 1 day (sometime 2 part) and talk with partner. At partner we branch off by

2 groups and  wich are choose A of B. A are tell the summury of the part to partner and B are going to make conection.

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2 Responses to First Quater Reflection

  1. Ms. Guiry says:

    Use these sentence starters to help you complete this entry:

    My best moment in Quartr 1 is…
    The hardest thing about Quarter 1 is…
    Next quarter, I want to improve…

    • yui17146 says:

      I thought that sentence starters are helpful too. When teacher tells me an sentence starters, then I can write sentences early so sentence starters are helpful for me.

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